Isnin, 20 Julai 2009

UPG Exco Interview Sessions


Salam & Greetings to all!!

Here is a beautiful announcement for those who has their heart in UPG MMU Melaka! Pls take note and do not waste the precious chance. =) In completing the Organizational Structure of UPG (Melaka Campus) for the term 2009/2010, we are going to held interview sessions for those who really interested to be the Executive Committee of UPG (Exco). The details of the interview sessions are as follows;

Date : 21 & 22 July 2009
Day : Tuesday & Wednesday
Time: 900am-1200pm(Morning session)
200pm - 500pm (evening session)
Venue : Sri Ruby

Do come for the interview session no matter who you are as long as you are MMU Students. We really welcome you guys to come for the interview and be with the management line of UPG Melaka.

"To Unite To Develop To Give"

Best Regards;
Fateen Najlaa Idayu
0173503382 / 0136248284
UPG 09/10'
MMU Melaka

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