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DREAM - Written by AY

Dream. Yes, everyone has a dream. Even me myself, I have a dream of my own. A dream is actually not just a dream that you get when you were asleep. This dream is about a goal that you want to achieve in your life. Yes, this dream is the dream that brings out the best of you and determines your interests. 

For me, I have got this idea talking about the dream is when I was being interviewed for the position as a chambering student in a legal firm. I went to several legal firms to look for a Master who can teach me what I really want. For me, my favorite field is criminal litigation. It is my dream to do criminal litigation. Although this is not the dream that I invented in my childhood era, but it is still a dream that I have been really-really wanted. 

The story started when I entered into the first firm for my first interview. This firm, is owned by a lawyer, we called him as Mr. L. He is a lawyer who involved with civil litigation. When I entered into his room, we started a normal interview session like “How old are you?” or “You studied law in MMU kah?” something more or less about that. But at one part, it really caught me up. He asked me a very challenging question, “what is your favorite field?” I was like, should I tell him the truth or not? He looked at me and told me to be truth with him. Then I said to him, “Actually Sir, I like to do criminal litigation Sir.” He smiled at me and said that they do not offered criminal litigation, as they only do civil litigation. Mr. L also claimed that, he also used to be like me, wanted to do criminal litigation but could not have the opportunity to do so. He said to me, if you don’t put your heart on it, you would not feel happy of doing it. He gave an example of hiking, if you love hiking, you would enjoy each steps that you hiking. But, if you do not love hiking, then you will complaint and nagging all the way when you were hiking. 

Second story came when I enter another interview’s session. This lawyer is a very well-known lawyer and he is a Dato’. I shall name this Dato’ as Dato’ J. This Dato do both criminal and civil litigation. It is coincident that his firm was looking for a chambering student that I saw in the Bar Council’s website. When I entered into the room, he looked at my resume and asked about my details (which I don’t think it’s necessary to narrate it here). Then came to the most favorite question, a million dollar question. He asked me what I liked most in law. I answer that I would love to do criminal and civil litigation, also conveyance. But, I expressly said to him that my top priority would be criminal litigation. He said to me in very simple words; “You must not just do the law, you have to LOVE it!” He also said that; “Cinta tu butakan? Bila bercinta, sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk dia kan? You have to love the law, willing to do anything for the law”. That is what made me realize that a dream is not just a dream that you faced each night. To achieve this dream, you have to really-really love it and you meant it. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted by Dato’ J to work at his firm. Hopefully, I could be better like him or be far better than him. 

Well, that is all I have learned in the interview sessions. Each and every day, we will learn a new things, but we should not be stingy to not share it with others. This is also an advice that I had obtained from Dato’ J. Thus, to achieve in your dream, one of it is you must put the love into it. Nothing won’t work if you don’t put your love and interest in the dream. Like Will Smith said in the movie that he and his son acted; “Nobody can stopped you from achieving your dream, not including me, but only you, yourself could stop you from doing so.” (If the quote is incorrect, I am sorry for the misstated quotes). 

Lastly, I am sorry if any of the words that I have written down in this article cause hurts to the people. As my teacher used to say, “Yang baik datang dari Dia, yang buruk datang dari diri sendiri”.Sekian, wassalam. 


Note: This article is contributed by Mr. AY, an MMU graduate, a man, a living entity, an awesome lawyer-to-be. Lets pray for him! 

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