Jumaat, 21 Ogos 2009

Kem Penghayatan Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt & Greetings to all.

HAPPY RAMADHAN al MUBARAK to all Muslims =).
to the Non Muslims, Happy Enjoying ur experience celebrating Ramadhan with the Muslims in MMU.

In regards to the coming of Ramadhan Month, University Peer Group (UPG) MMU Melaka is glad to announce that we are organizing an event callled KEM PENGHAYATAN RAMADHAN for all the MMU Muslim students.

Ramadhan is a month of blessing. Lets bring ourselves to strengthen our IMAN as Muslims and gain something beneficial for ourselves by joining this programme. We are looking forward to see those people who are interested to motivate themselves and to be motivated through this Kem Penghayatan Ramadhan and finally be a perfect motivator in the social & religious aspect.

This is the time that you may experience something unique and difference in your life.
Be a good Muslim, be a good Ummah of Muhammad! =)

The details of the programme are as follow;

Date : 4-5 September 2009 (Friday & Saturday)
Venue : Kem Bina Insan Rabiatul Adawiyah, Durian Tunggal Melaka
Fee : RM25/person (after being subsidized of 50% by STAD)
Ingredients of the camp : Iftar, Talks, Sharing moments, Muzakarah, Tilawah Quran, Outdoor activities, Facilitators, and lots more!!
Organizer : In Person Training & Consultancy
Co-Organizer : University Peer Group MMU Melaka

Lets come and join the camp!!
Remember, you got nothing to loose, but u have lots of thing to gain!

Contact Persons :
Fateen Najlaa Idayu ~ 0173503382 / 0136248284
Nadia Aminah ~ 0172556747

"To Unite, To Develop, To Give"
University Peer Group
Multimedia University (Malacca Campus)

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